Why have your obituary written?

At various points in our lives, the thought of dying crosses everyone’s mind. It’s not something we look fondly upon, but we all know that day will come for each of us. Similarly, everyone at times ponders the idea of how he or she will be remembered.

All too often, family members are ill-equipped – in the hours and days immediately following the loss of a loved one – either to write such a story or to gather and leaf through the information about a family member’s life. Facts about education, military service, achievements and the proper names of unfamiliar relatives and workplaces are specific examples of information often forgotten or improperly reported to the writer of an obituary.

Of course, emotions also are involved after a loved one has died. It’s a complicated, emotional time. Further, the task of writing obituaries usually is handled by an employee of the funeral home that is handling arrangements for the family of the deceased. These employees rarely are skilled in proper journalistic principles, and obituaries often are published in newspapers and online that fall far short of the standards of the person about whom the obituary is written. There is a special skill involved in properly writing an obituary. In many cases, funeral homes simply are following an obituary template and referring to other obituary examples. At MyObituaryNow.com, we understand how to write an obituary. And we employ a team of writers who create obituaries that are professionally written, clear and concise. We excel in obituary writing, and we write to each customer’s complete satisfaction.


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