Fees & Payments

We’ll construct your obituary to your satisfaction. If your obituary runs fewer than 150 words in length, the cost is $149. We use the following chart to determine fees:


150 words or fewer

151 words to 250 words


251 words to 350 words


350 words to 500 words

501 to 1,000 words


Future additions

Short-notice situations

Family members often are left in a quandary to produce an obituary when a loved one dies unexpectedly. We can provide thoughtful and thorough obituaries on short notice. You need merely to send us an email so we can get started and expedite the obituary process.

Future additions to your obituary

Our lives change each day. What’s important today might be far less important tomorrow. People come and go in our lives.

We realize that the day might arrive when you want to make additions, deletions and other changes to your obituary. And whenever that’s the case, we at MyObituaryNow.com will be happy to assist you in that effort.