When my mother passed away earlier this year, I was uncertain how to proceed with her obituary. I went on the Internet and looked for examples of obituaries and did all kinds of obituary searches, but not one of the online obituaries captured the message I wanted to convey. That’s when I found MyObituaryNow.com. Their writer spent time with me on the telephone, and it took very little turnaround time for him to create an obituary to my liking. I give MyObituaryNow.com very high marks.

— C. Wilkerson, Fountain Hills, AZ


The thought of writing my obituary was overwhelming.  And I didn’t want my family to be rushed into it when I’m gone.  Dealing with the people from “My Obituary Now” was simple.  A few minutes on the telephone, and within no time I had my obituary written.  That’s something I wanted done for a long time.

— M. Wright, Baton Rouge, LA


This service has given me peace of mind.

— R. Campbell, Marion, VA


I no longer have to worry about my family feeding information about me to someone at a funeral home.  All it took was a little time on the telephone with one of the nice people at “My Obituary Now.”  I appreciate the care they took with writing my obituary.  I highly recommend them.

— F. Blair, Portland, OR


I served in the military during the Korean conflict and really wanted to have my service remembered in my obituary.  Instead of my family having to scramble to gather all the facts, I gave it all to the writer from ‘My Obituary Now.’  He took great care to list my accomplishments, both in the military and in my professional life.  It’s accurate and professionally written.

— T. Edwards, Dubuque, IA


It feels good to know my obituary is complete, and my family has a copy.  It was an easy process to get it done.  I’d never considered having my obituary written before I died, but when I thought about it, I knew there were some things I wanted to have in it.  Now it’s handled and it’s the way I want it.

— S. Junkmann, Austin, TX